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Laura Baehr


inclusive, interdisciplinary

movement for all



I'm Laura. When I was 10 years old I was asked to list my future profession in a Shakespearean school playbill. I wrote dancing scientist. Thanks to a myriad of fantastic mentors and experiences, I remain unscathed by black and white thinking that insists you can only fit into one box. I believe that the world is complex, and requires an interdisciplinary approach to all endeavors. 

I am passionate about making space for anyone and everyone to enjoy living through the art and science of human movement. I'm a physical therapist by training, lifelong dance artist, experienced private and group movement teacher, and rehabilitation scientist (in training). I specialize in creating joyful embodiment opportunities for individuals who are fearful, recuperating, living with chronic health conditions and/or disabilities. My research is centered on the biopsychosocial impact of physical activity following spinal cord injury.

I aim to highlight the academic pursuit of physical practices by existing in both theoretical and practical settings. I'm part teacher, part advocate, part practitioner, part scientist, and wholly dedicated to sharing the joy of movement.

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