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I approach teaching as a collaborator; I facilitate reciprocal movement spaces based on the desires, background, and feedback of who is in the room. I love to create workshops that are unique, fun, and collaborative. I draw from over a decade of experience in many classrooms.
You can find me in residence homes, medical museums, college dance departments, adapted sports arenas, hospitals, studios, and virtually. What's the common thread? Everyone has a body so everyone can move. 
My teaching style is dynamic, grounded, and supportive. Every class is a LAB - exploration and creativity are paramount. There's no wrong way to connect your mind to your body.


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I'm taking Laura's seated fitness class and I LOVE it! She is just so wonderful to get to know and a well personable instructor. Even though I would love to be in the studio, taking the class via zoom isn't that much different. I absolutely love how she demonstrates the different sets of exercises before we work through them. It REALLY helps me to focus on what she is doing to help me visualize the correct way to stretch my body in different ways. I just loved this class from day 1. Sitting all day at the computer really makes my body so tense. Just having the opportunity to be involved in this class REALLY helps me loosen up after a long day!

I am an above knee amputee and have worked with Laura for about a year.  I love class and so does my husband (who is able-bodied).  We both found Laura’s instructions and demonstrations to be very effective.   She did an excellent job of making them inclusive.  She has such a warm and inviting way of explaining the movements.

I love Laura's energy and intelligence... her appreciation for people's strengths and challenges... she is keeping us moving and looking forward. I do not feel any limitations about being 70. I feel all about possibilities. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Laura has an amazing ability to communicate clearly and effectively.  She listens with enormous care and offers constructive advice to help you reach your highest potential.  Laura has helped me overcome injuries and pushed me to achieve a higher level of fitness and enjoyment of daily life. 

Over a lifetime spent pursuing fitness and wellness, there have been few instructors that I’ve come across like Laura who has such vast technical knowledge of human anatomy along with the gift of being able to communicate it to her students with such wit and grace.   Her classes are fun, informative and challenging, and I leave feeling more motivated and confident in my practice.   She truly is one of the best instructors I’ve ever worked with and always look forward to my next session with her.

I particularly appreciate the one-on-one instruction Laura offered as I wrestled with health challenges, which was critically important for resolving what I had feared were insurmountable physical liabilities. Instead, she helped me successfully negotiate these challenges and continue my regular exercise routine. My ongoing health and well-being are in no small part a result of Laura's excellence as a physical therapist and teacher.

I love taking classes with Laura for multiple reasons. Her background in neuroscience and physical therapy help me to appreciate what we do and why throughout class. I gain a deeper understanding of what muscles and systems are working together to achieve different poses thanks to her instruction. All that aside, her classes are FUN, and I feel great afterward.

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